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Marc brings to his acupuncture and Chinese herbal practice 14 years of medical experience as a licensed respiratory care practitioner, and a deep personal commitment to the healing arts.

Marc has his masters degree in acupuncture and oriental medicine, and has been in full time practice since 1993 and is licensed by the State of Oregon.


"As I have matured as a healer, my spiritual path has led me to more holistic forms of healing and being.

In my private practice I keep an open mind and stay abreast with the modern applications of this ancient healing art. Having a strong background in western medicine, I am naturally curious concerning the relationship between Eastern and Western medicine, and seek to understand how they can complement each other."

Marc is in general private practice and has had acupuncture privileges at Emanuel Hospital and Oregon Health Sciences University Hospital in Portland, Oregon. He maintains an extensive herbal pharmacy, and specializes in the Western application of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Marc's many interests include yoga, conga rhythms, motor cycle riding, scuba diving and the natural world. In resent years he has been obsessed and most passionate about the Argentine Tango. He has a 20 year history as a performance artist that has also included teaching and holding a dance space.

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