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Acupuncture is based upon empirical knowledge that QI (vital energy) flows through meridians of the body and related organ systems in an organized way. Disruption in this vital energy flow can be the cause or symptom of disharmony in the body.

Acupuncture points (gates) are located in small depressions of the skin where a meridian flows close to the surface. Acupuncture gates are opened and closed with the insertion of tiny hairlike pins to regulate and direct the body's QI.

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is a modern adaptation of an ancient Eastern form of healing which is used to treat both pain and dysfunction in the body.

Chinese herbal prescription follows the same treatment principles as acupuncture. Herbs in a sense work from the inside of the body to affect the outside, while acupuncture works from the outside to affect the inside, and so the balance of yin/yang is obtained.

Application of these classical medical approaches of East Asia remains the norm for more than half the earth's human population. These natural low-tech approaches to modern health care concerns have newly captured the imagination of western society.

TCM is a viable health care system by itself and a flexible adjunct to Western Allopathic Medicine.

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